Man Isn’t Convinced That Buying A Doggie Cake Would Be A Good Idea. His Dog’s Reaction Proved Him Wrong!

Christopher Vrankovic, a man from Massachusetts with a lot of love for his faithful companion, is making a lot of people smile after sharing a picture from his dog’s birthday party! Usually, he and his wife give their dog a dog cookie or a dog cupcake, but this year his wife wanted to do a little extra. When she told him about the $20 peanut butter dog cake from The Barkery, he originally said no.

Who buys a custom cake for a dog? But eventually he caved. The cake is made from peanut butter, banana, apple oatmeal, carob, and cheeseburgers. Yum! Of course, the look on his dog’s face made it all worth it! While she may not have realized that the cake was a special treat for her birthday, she surely felt the love!

I thought ordering my dog a birthday cake would be a waste of money… Her reaction was worth every penny.”

Many people used to think that cakes for their pets were an extravagant waste of money, but The Barkery insists that this is no longer true – they have sold 11,000 dog cakes since opening in 2005!

Have you baked your dog their very own cake before? Would you order one for a doggie bakery? This pooch looks very excited! (She ate it and hardly stopped to chew!)

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