Man Harvests From His Garden And Discovers Missing Wedding Ring!

A man (who wished to remain anonymous) in Germany lost his wedding ring, and although his wife had faith that he would one day find it again, he had lost hope. In fact, until it turned up in his garden, he hadn’t thought about it for a while.

Three years ago, he had been gardening when the ring slipped off of his finger without him noticing. He told his wife of the loss and the pair searched and searched, never finding the missing ring. She told him that it would turn up, but he didn’t think so. Afterall, how often does something like this happen?

But three years later, he pulled up a carrot to see if his crop was ready for harvest…and out pops this incredible find!
11-9a3The carrot had grown through the ring, bringing it to the surface after it had been buried by wind and rain and growing plants. He sat, dumbfounded, and stared at the carrot that proved his wife right.

Six months before, she had passed away, but he was sure that she would be smirking right about now…and probably saying “I told you so.” It gave him a happy thought to see the ring that represented his marriage, and while his late wife may not be living anymore, he’ll have the ring to wear and remember her…and that even in death, she got to be right one last time.


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