Man Goes To Waffle House For A Midnight Snack And Finds The Only Person There SLEEPING

A man from South Carolina found himself a little peckish late one night and took a trip to the Waffle House for a bite to eat. It was an early Tuesday morning when he arrived, but once walked inside, he was greeted with the sound of silence…and light snores! The only other person in the building was asleep at one of the tables and not a customer was in sight.

He waited at the register for any other employees to show up and took a walk around the parking lot, but there was no one there.

So, Alex Bowen decided to do something impulsive: make himself a sandwich. The recipe for a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt is rather straightforward, and while it took him a long time to make it, he was rather proud of his creation.

After he was done, he even cleaned up the grill!
He documented the adventure (still a little tipsy after a night of drinking) and posted his story on Facebook where it quickly went viral!He hadn’t paid for the sandwich in his excitement, but he did go back later that day to do so and explain what had happened. While the store wasn’t too happy with his late-night trespassing, he did point out a glaring flaw in the way their management operates stores overnight in the area, and a district manager thanked him for it.

The employee was not fired, either.

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