Man Gives Up Job To Walk From Mexico To Canada…But His Reason Is AMAZING!

Eugene Yoon made a wild decision to quit his job at a research company and hike from the California-Mexico border all the way to Canada…but his reason is what makes his story so incredible.

I remember kind of just looking up at the sky and being like, ‘God, are you sure about this? ‘Cause I’m pretty happy right now.’ It felt like a calling,” Eugene said, remembering the very beginning of his journey.

The calling? “Random acts of kindness.” He had no idea what it meant, but he just knew that he had to help someone, and it had to change their life. He couldn’t shake the feeling, and one day while scrolling through Facebook, he found the answer.

Arthur Renowitzky had been shot and mugged, leaving him paralyzed 10 years ago, but knew that one day, he would walk again and he wasn’t going to give up. Eugene knew that he had to help make Arthur’s dream come true.

Eugene wasn’t a doctor, but he did have a degree in film making. He learned about an exoskeleton device that could help Arthur, but it would cost $80,000.

That’s when Eugene decided to make his trek in order to fund raise the money, posting video of his journey and for people to donate to Arthur’s cause. Mid-way through Washington state, he hit the goal, and Arthur was able to walk again thanks to the device.

Afterwards, Eugene made it his goal to help others, and proves that kindness can be a calling.

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