Man Gets Asked STRANGE Questions At His Job Interview. Then He Meets Their Company Cat.

During a job interview for a position at a medical clinic, one man was a bit confused when the interviewer had two very unorthodox questions to ask him. Neither of the questions had anything to do with his capabilities as a professional…but after he was hired, he realized exactly why they had to be asked!

The first one was simply whether or not he liked cats. He was being honest, so he simply answered ‘yes’. It was a bit weird, but some jobs were like that he assumed. The next one was even more curious than the last:

Do you have issues with personal space?”

That was was a little trickier…but no, he supposed. Not really.
It turns out that aside from his regular duties, the owner had a cat that didn’t know the meaning of “personal space.” The Office Cat was friendly, cuddly, and loved to “help” employees while they went about their daily tasks. The owner had to know that even if a person was qualified for the job, they wouldn’t mind a few kitty cuddles now and again.His answers helped him land the job…and he made a new furry friend in the process!

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