Man Finds Genius Way To Help Feed People In Need. EVERYONE Loves It!

Matt Lawson won an instant meal at McDonald’s and had an idea so good, he just had to share it on Facebook! The idea was simple, and because it was so easy, it instantly went viral! Whenever certain items are purchased at the restaurant, there is a chance to win food on the peel-off stickers, and Lawson knew that these could easily be put to good use.

If you win free food by purchasing food you would of bought anyway, why not put your tokens in a jar and take them to an area where you know there are people less fortunate than yourself.”

9-28a12The idea, it turns out, is just the thing that people aged 25 to 25 had been looking for. On tight budgets with loans and bills keeping them living paycheck to paycheck, they needed a way to help their communities that didn’t require them to make cash donations. While they might be able to afford a $5 meal once a week, they certainly couldn’t double that as a donation to someone else…but this quick free meal could be passed on to someone else!

Even though it is “junk food,” if someone hasn’t had a decent meal in days, they will appreciate it regardless. Schools and offices have placed “ticket donation jars” on their front counters to collect them and hand them out during lunch time to people in need.

At first, the company wasn’t happy with the idea because they say that the tickets are “non-transferrable,” but since the viral post, they have changed their mind.

We admire Matt’s efforts and it’s up to customers how they use their tickets. We’ll honor any ticket presented in restaurant.”

When this promotion comes to the states, would you give your free meal to someone in need?


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