Man Eats Cookies That Expired 18 Years Ago. He May Actually Be Posting From The Grave!

Adrian Johnson took his kids Trick-or-Treating on Halloween, but as they were going through their candy haul, he realized (a few bites too late!) that the cookies were outrageously past their expiration date!

The package of cookies had been given to him by a well-meaning neighbor who had just made an honest mistake while handing out treats. The cookies had been in the pantry for “a while,” they thought. Well, 18 years is still technically “a while.” This brand probably doesn’t even exist anymore.After taking a bite and finding the taste less than exciting, he looked for an expiration date…and was stunned! (And a bit horrified!) What happens when you eat a “digestive” cookie that’s 20 years past its prime?! Would he survive?!
He took a picture of the cookies, in complete disbelief that this had just happened.
They looked like regular cookies, so he didn’t think anything of opening the package and helping himself to a treat…

But how did they taste?!

Horrendous. Had to brush my teeth.” He wrote.

Yikes. Maybe he’ll keep them for another 18 years and give them back to that same neighbor!

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