Man Discovers Suspicious Box In The Woods…And Finds KITTENS Abandoned Inside!

The only thing protecting these four kittens from freezing to death was the thin walls of the cardboard box they had been abandoned in. Some heartless soul decided that they didn’t want kittens, and instead of dropping them off at a shelter, decided to let them freeze and starve to death in the middle of nowhere, trapped in a cardboard box.

Luckily, a woman spotted the box while walking by and decided to peek inside. These kittens wouldn’t have lived for very much longer, but things were suddenly looking up in Cleveland, Ohio, as this woman literally saved the day. She took them from the cold and let them warmed up while she waited for help. She couldn’t take the kittens in herself and knew that they were too young to care for on her own.

The woman called the police, who notified the Cleveland Animal Protective League, who quickly sent someone out to safely handle the shivering kittens.

Their runny noses suggested that they had already spent quite a long time out in the cold but had likely survived by huddling together. The kittens were named Smalls, Squints, Repeat, and Benny and deemed healthy enough to survive their ordeal! 

The kittens were placed into foster care where they will remain and grow strong until they are old enough to be adopted!

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