Man Discovers His “Missing” Car Two Decades After Forgetting Where He Parked It!

One strange day in 1997, a man in Germany was walking back to his car only to find it missing. He looked everywhere, but the car was nowhere to be found…or so he thought! He took his complaint to the local police and filed a report for his missing vehicle. He assumed that it had been stolen and after a while, never expected anyone to find it. After a while, the car would have eventually made its way to the scrapyard.

One morning, he received an unexpected phone call!While clearing out a large building, an abandoned car was discovered. The building was scheduled for demolition, but as they began to assess it for complications, they realized that the car had actually been reported as missing or stolen!

They began to hunt down the original owner. Twenty years had passed and they weren’t sure if they would find the man on the paperwork, but sure enough, one happy 76-year-old was reunited with his long-lost car!

It’d been neglected over the years and there was no way that it would be able to start, much less drive safely away, but it was a great way to resolve the long-standing mystery.

His daughter went with him to claim the car, and the story went viral. Forgetting which row you parked in is one thing…but being unable to find it after twenty years?! That’s too much!

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