Man Discovers Creepy Underground Catacombs Beneath His Apartment!

While it might have been worth it if he’d discovered buried treasure or some neat vinyl records, one guy found the creepiest set of tunnels laying directly below his apartment. After he’d moved in, he noticed a latch on a storage compartment right outside of the bathroom door. It wasn’t locked, and it was stuffed full of old maintenance equipment like paint cans and mallets. As he began to sift through the junk, he realized that the items were actually covering up an old stone staircase. It was an odd layout, but it was also apparent that no one had been in that space for a long time. Dust and debris littered nearly every inch of the openings…so he gathered his friends and began to explore. The basement was actually very large and stretched out beneath the entire building. In most places, the ceiling had rotten away, leaving access between apartments and crawlspaces in a way that made him very uncomfortable. As they went further in, he realized that the space must have had some sort of purpose at one point…but he had no idea what that might be.After discovering a large room (big enough to host creepy parties), he immediately felt unnerved that all of this empty space was directly underneath his unit…and the only access point was from the latched door near his bathroom.

He lives alone…and wishes he’d never discovered the creepy basement just inches below his floor!

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