Man Confesses His Reason For Needing To Miss Jury Duty And The Judge Is STUNNED Into Agreement!

Receiving a jury summons is one of the most frustrating things to put a wrinkle into our weekly plans. For one man, that “wrinkle” was just too much to handle! Instead of going along and doing his civic duty, he argued that he should be excused from the process for one heartwarming reason…

A man from Dublin, Ireland was sitting in jury selection one Tuesday, and when it came his turn to answer questions and give a reason for why he might not be eligible, he gave a truly compelling reason.

I can’t serve. I’m away for the weekend.” He said.

The judge reminded the man that they didn’t need him for the weekends, but then he went on to clarify, melting the hearts of everyone who witnessed the exchange.

I’m away ’till Monday. I’m 54, a bachelor, it’s my 1st time in love.” The man explained.

It was too sweet! The judge made a decision that other judges might have disagreed with.

Then you GO, and you go with my blessing.” The judge declared!

Others might have simply said “tough luck,” as it is a civic duty to serve…but this judge had a heart of gold, and we hope that the man’s weekend getaway is everything that he’s ever dreamed of!

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