Man Claims To Be Sitting In Service Woman’s Seat – The Truth Is Stunning

Jessica Titus was on a flight when she witnessed a confrontation between two passengers. One man claimed to be in a woman’s seat, but it soon became apparent what he was really up to.

Jessica was walking behind a woman in an Army uniform to get to her seat when a man shocked them both. He had been sitting in first class but suddenly stood up and got in the woman’s path.

Sorry ma’am, I’m in your seat. What does your ticket say?” He asked.

What? No – I’m 31 B.”

He then turned around and walked away, taking her middle seat in coach, leaving his first class seat open for her. The woman was shocked and took the comfortable seat thanks to his kindness.

Jessica thought about what the man did, and after the flight took off, she sent him this message with a small token of appreciation.

Please accept a drink or snack on me. If everyone treated people the way you treated the service woman, the world would be a better place.” She wrote.

The man’s actions don’t end there…after he received the note?

Spoiler alert – he refused my offer. Do good. Recognize good. Make the world better.” She wrote.

She hopes that by sharing the man’s good deed, others will be inspired to do good deeds, too.

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