Man Caught Red-Handed Stealing From A Grocery Store. The Officer Involved Wouldn’t Arrest Him!

The employees of a local grocery store called the police when they caught two men trying to steal from them, but when the officer arrived, he wanted to get to the bottom of it all. The men were taken aside and the officer asked employees what they had attempted to shoplift. It had been a single pack of hot dogs. The officer was stunned.

He couldn’t bring himself to arrest the man for being hungry and not having anything to eat. The officer let the man go and told him to go grab a meal from a nearby restaurant by the name of Thersey’s. The officer said that he would call ahead pay for their food, but when he tried to ask the manager for the favor, the manager refused.

Your service to the community is more than appreciated,” the manager said.

I had all intentions of paying for his meal, I didn’t intend on it being a freebie for you all. I’d feel better if you’d let me pay for it! I know you all aren’t a charity. I just wanted him to have a good meal. I knew you all would give it to him and let me pay after he left,” the officer replied.

After the story went viral, the officer requested to remain anonymous and hopes that the story will inspire others to take a step back when things go wrong and look for a way to help.

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