Man Came Up With “Clever Idea” To Install His T.V. And Regrets It Every Day For 13 Years

Jerry Lynn, a man living in Pennsylvania, had an idea in 2004 that he regrets to this day, 13 years later.

He thought that his living room would be cleaner if he could manage to run his television cable through the spaces in his house’s walls. He didn’t think that he would need to hire a professional – after all, it was just a single wire – and came up with a plan to get it done in no time at all.

He tied a battery-operated alarm clock to a string and began lowering it through the wall using a vent in his home. He set the alarm clock to go off at 7:50 p.m. so that he could use the noise to know where to drill the hole for the television’s cable. Unfortunately, halfway through the process, the alarm clock slipped off of the string and has stayed in the wall ever since.He was unable to retrieve it, and it now goes off every night at the same time each day – 6:50 p.m. during daylight savings time – and reminds him of the fiasco years earlier.

He waits for the clock to stop ringing each day, assuming that it will die between one day’s alarm to the next…

Year after year, the alarm’s battery refuses to give out!

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