Man Buys Huge Pile Of Coats At Goodwill…When People Find Out Why, They Scramble To Find Him!

A man was shopping at Goodwill one day when he noticed a young man drop a large pile of jackets onto the counter. It was an odd thing to see. What would one man need with so many coats, anyway? He snapped a picture and asked what the coats were for. While he had been curious at first, once he realized what they were for, he was speechless.

The coats, he learned, were for the homeless in the neighborhood. The young man spent just over $65 on the clothing before leaving. The picture was posted on social media and quickly went viral…

That’s when Fred White saw his picture. Without context, he was confused why his picture was scrolling across his own Facebook feed…and then realized that people were trying to find him!

People in the community were so touched by his actions that he was given a $200 gift card to thank him for his generosity. He explained that it was something he just felt was right to do.

Growing up, he didn’t get a new coat every year, but now that he was older and could give back to his community, he wanted to be sure that no one else ever went without a winter coat!

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