Man Asks Interviewer Why He Wasn’t Hired. The Response Was So Honest, He Shared It To Help Others.

After sending out hundreds of resumes and filling out hundreds of applications, by the time someone gets to the interviewing phase of their job hunt, they can be worn out. Never hearing back from dozens of companies will make anyone feel a bit down, so, after this guy realized that he hadn’t gotten the job, he decided to email the hiring manager and simply ask why.

The answer was so honest, he realized that others might benefit from the advice as well. It was hard to read, but too many people needed to hear it.Wow.

The email went viral on Reddit, where people began commenting that this kind of useful feedback was incredibly rare. Other hiring managers admitted that they would never have given such truthful advice for fear the the person might try and sue the company for not being hired, but that “Chris” was absolutely right.

Don’t underestimate projecting confidence in interviews. I’ve hired probably 100 people in my career and it can make a big difference. Don’t lie or make false claims, just project you’re confident you can do something because if you don’t make me believe you can figure it out, I’m not convincing myself for you.” One user wrote.

Hopefully, it can help others. He plans to take the advice to heart and find his dream job!

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