Man Accidentally Texts His Wife Using Voice Recognition! She Shares It When She Finds Out What It REALLY Was!

With the invention of speech-to-texting features on just about every phone available nowadays, some people are finding that their worst nightmares are actually coming true. Accidentally activating the feature and then talking about someone can land people in a world of confusion when that text ends up being sent! For one man, he realized that his wife received a detailed description of what he’d been up to while she wasn’t around:Paul’s wife was understandably confused when these messages started sending to her phone and asked her husband what they could possibly mean…

Paul is a trombonist, and his phone had been in his pocket during practice! He accidentally activated the speech-to-text feature and his phone began “transcribing” the musical notes into the closest words that it could come up with before sending the confusing message off to the bewildered woman. She’d been talking to him about going grocery shopping when his crazy reply made her do a double take.

People hadn’t realized that their phones could “translate” musical sounds, and once they shared the results on Twitter, it went viral! People were tickled that his wife had suddenly gotten the most confusing text in the world all thanks to a trombone!

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