Mama Dog Living In A Shelter Lost Her Puppies…Just In Time To Adopt Orphans!

Blossom lived in a shelter and had given birth to three beautiful puppies…but tragically, two of them didn’t make it. She was heartbroken. Nothing cheered her up or interested her, and volunteers didn’t know how to help her move on from the loss.

With incredible timing, the shelter received a strange call.

Someone found a bag of puppies that had been tossed out of a moving vehicle onto the street. While two of the puppies died due to the impact, the other six survived. The only problem? They were too small to be away from their mother.

That’s where Blossom saved the day!
Volunteers weren’t sure how she would react, but as soon as she caught a whiff of the puppies, she climbed into their bedding and began to clean and feed them as if they were her own. She took to them instantly, helping to nurse them back to health despite their rough start in life.

When her story spread, the shelter hoped it would encourage people to simply take animals to their local shelters instead of trying to kill them in horrible ways. Tossing a bag of puppies out of a moving vehicle is cruel and vicious, and they hope that people will find better ways to pass along their unwanted dogs in the future.

At least, for this litter, a happy ending was waiting for them!

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