Makeup Artist ANGRY When Glam Driver License Photo Zooms In Too Close

It turns out that looking good in a government-issued ID is actually possible, and one makeup artist is here to prove it. Stressing out about the picture you’re going to carry with you for 10+ years at a time is totally normal…but what happens when your picture is too good? One woman was outraged when she received her driving license only to discover that they had cut off the best part of the picture: her hair.

Looking beautiful is a full-time job, and Lilly Ghalichi Mir, makeup artist and former Shahs of the Sunset star, knows that angles are everything. When she posed for her picture at the DMV, she skirted the rules and tilted her head just a little bit to the right. Unfortunately, they zoomed in too far, resulting in this photo appearing on her license.

I got ROBBED!!! I go through all the effort to change my last name and THIS ZOOMED IN PHOTO is what you give me State of CA?! Is the photo on your ID this zoomed in? You can’t even see my full glam! My hair was everything that day! Photo Robbery!!!” She wrote.

While she may have to take another picture thanks to her now-viral photograph being reported by bored trolls on the internet, maybe they’ll get it right next time and keep her beautiful locks in the frame.

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