Make Your Own Snowflake Window Clings! They’re Cute And Easy To DIY!

Bringing the beauty of winter into your home is a part of the fun! We associate “the holidays” with a warm, cozy atmosphere that celebrates the weather as much as family and friends…and this next project is a way to bring a little magic into your decorations! These snowflakes are easy to make and can be reused over and over – even after the snow has cleared! One crafter discovered this incredible trick, and we have fallen in love with it!

You’ll need a sheet of parchment paper and a hot glue gun. Yep. That’s it! Once your glue gun has heated up, go ahead and “draw” out a few snowflakes onto the paper with hot glue! You’ll need thick lines to keep the snowflakes sturdy, she says. Thinner lines may snap or break apart with use.
Once they have completely dried, peel them off! They should practically slide off of the parchment paper! Remove any thin, wispy strands of glue and decide where you want to display your new window clings!To attach them to the windows, place a small dot of hot glue on a few of the ends of a snowflake and press them onto the window. The small dots will be easy to remove after you are done with them, and you can then use the snowflakes for other projects!What do you think of these adorable little snowflakes? See more details on this project here!

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