Make Your Own Nail Wraps At HOME! It’s So Easy!

Even if you love to have your nails done, the cost to maintain them by going to a salon every week and the time it takes out of your day is sometimes just too much. And if you are a working mom? Finding the time to paint your nails and let them dry (you can forget about cute designs!) is nearly impossible. The invention of nail wraps were genius…but those can get pricey as well.

But nail artists have discovered the secret to creating intricate designs on their own DIY nail wraps…and it turns out that anyone can do it! It’s crafty, inexpensive, and you can do it with the supplies you have on hand!

You’ll need:

Plastic or silicone (a grocery bag, storage bag, or any other smooth, plastic surface)
Nail polish (don’t forget the base and top coats!)

Basically, you’re painting your “nails,” but on plastic. Start with your base coat and let it dry. Then, add your polish, any designs you think would be cute, and finally a top coat! This is a great project because if you need to stop between strokes to do chores or help with the kids (or take a quick trip to the bathroom), your nails won’t be ruined if they aren’t dry.
7.21a19Using thick coats of nail polish will help the design to last longer and will be easier to apply to your nail. When it’s all dry, peel the polish off and cut it into the general shape of your nail. Apply the sticker and use a brush dipped in acetone to shape it to perfection. Apply one last layer of top coat and seal the edges of your nail by wrapping the polish underneath (if your nails are long enough.)
7.21a20And voila! Easy, inexpensive, and beautiful! Try this idea out whenever you have the time!

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