Make Your Own Mittens By Tracing Your Hand And Cutting Up An Old Sweater!

We’ve all got a couple of sweaters that just don’t fit anymore, but instead of tossing them out, give them new life by using the fabric to make cozy mittens! Even if you aren’t so great at using a sewing machine, it is such a simple pattern that it’ll be hard to mess it up (which is great news for me!).

First, trace around your hand and leave a half-inch around all sides. You’ll only need one pattern as the gloves will be identical.
12-1z6Then, cut out four matching shapes from your old sweater (using the edge of the sweater for the opening!) and sew them together.  Pin the edges with straight pins to sew them as evenly as possible, but don’t fret too much. The nature of the sweater is very forgiving if your seams end up being a little crooked!

Turn them inside-out and admire your super easy mittens!12-1z7If you aren’t into knitting, this is an easy alternative that still counts as “hand-made!” They also make adorable gifts! Save on your gift budget by trying out this cute and adorable way of making mittens for everyone this year! 12-1z8What do you think of these easy-to-make recycled sweater mittens? You can find more details on this project here!


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