Make A Fake Tree Look FULL With This Quick Hack!

While it is less work than picking out, transporting, and caring for a real tree for a month, using a fake tree comes with its own obstacles. Over time (let’s be honest, probably decades at this point), the “leaves” on our fake trees fall off, leaving them looking a little worse for wear. The sparse placement of branches can’t be helped sometimes, and going out and buying a new fake tree can put a huge hole in a holiday budget. So, the next best thing is to use this brilliant hack and keep your tree looking as real as possible…for another decade at least!

After “fluffing” out as much of the branches and leaves, you may notice some “holes.” While a real tree may have these too, they are more noticeable on a fake tree. To fix it, grab two wreaths (or a thick bit of garland!) and place them in the middle and lower sections of your tree!11-30a2The garland fills out the tree, covering empty spaces and making the whole setup look much more realistic. If your garland is a slightly different shade, disguise it by interlacing the branches and adding more lights to the tree overall.


Once the lights are strung and the ornaments have been placed, it’s time to sweep up fallen “leaves,” put down a tree skirt, and pile presents underneath! This brilliant hack saved my tree…it can save yours, too! See more details on this project here!


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