Make A Cute Pet Collar In Just 3 Easy Steps! This DIY Is Too Cute!

Adorable outfits made just for pets can be expensive, and in some cases, they don’t actually last very long. This method of creating a cute dog “collar” will make it easy to give Fido a matching outfit for family pictures…or, you know, just to look dapper on his daily walk! It’s also the perfect way to put old collared shirts to good use!

The first step is to grab an old shirt and carefully snip off the collar just under the seam. The way these collars are sewn on makes it fairly simple to just follow the seam! It won’t unravel and it easily washable without being destroyed in the process like some cheaper store-bought pet clothes. After you’ve carefully snipped away the collar, you’re halfway done.
Next, button the collar. If you want to add a few more steps, you can alter the collar’s size with a sewing machine for smaller dogs, but this little collar works for more dogs!And that’s it! Now your pup is ready for adorable pictures and memorable family photos. Plus, you’ll put all of those old button-down shirts to good use.It’s too easy not to try out for yourself! What do you think of this clever little project?

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