Majestic Husky Suffers From An Identity Disorder…And It’s PRECIOUS!!

Nature vs. Nurture is a debate that has been around since…well, probably forever. Is a person predisposed to act a certain way due to their DNA? Is it purely instinct? Or is the majority of their personality and actions based on their previous experiences in life? This debate will probably continue to be argued and studied until the end of time because there really is no way to truly study it without hundreds of thousands of variables clouding the way forward.

And then there is this husky. Meet Tao Tao, a mischievous husky that acts like a cat.


Before Tao Tao was adopted, she was lived with cats. From her very first days of life, Tao Tao was surrounded by a family of cats, growing up and adopting many of their mannerisms because she didn’t know any differently.


Most dogs might lay under the kitchen table during mealtimes, waiting for a piece of food to drop onto the floor, but Tao Tao seemed to like the enclosed space even when the chance of food dropping from the sky was not imminent.


Tao Tao learned to crouch like cats do to get comfortable. Sitting on her hind legs seemed odd, and her family found her in this position more often than not.


Cats love boxes…and so does Tao Tao! Crawling into small spaces and peering out at the world is one of her favorite things to do!


Perching on a narrow window sill, Tao Tao loves to watch the cars pass and the neighbors walk by. Gazing out at her yard, she crouches in that familiar feline way.


Tao Tao guards the stairs (or tries to trip anyone going up or down) just like most cats! She’s so crafty.


Obviously, not much has changed! Tao Tao still loves to poke her head into tiny spaces to see if she will fit!1.4a6

Hey, who isn’t guilty of searching for those last few crumbs out of the potato chip bag? This one might not be strictly feline. I’ve caught my toddler doing this very same thing. “Where did you even find this bag?!”


But above all else, no matter what mannerisms or habits Tao Tao has picked up, she is still a husky – and huskies love the snow! Being buried in a large snow drift is still one of her favorite things, regardless of who raised her. Add this case to the nature vs. nurture debate and one day, we may just have our answer!

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