Magical Photograph Goes Viral For One Incredible Reason

How do you explain “Santa” to your kids or grandkids? While some families choose not to believe in a magical guy named Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claus, who shows up on Christmas Eve to deliver presents to well-behaved children, others adore the idea so much that they take pictures with him each year. “Mall Santas” are everywhere after Thanksgiving, and in some cities, families end up waiting in line for hours just to have a quick picture taken!

This photographer brought the magic of Santa to children in a curious way, but one particular photograph has gone viral because of the story behind it.12-6z5

My father in law is “Santa” for my photography studio. My daughter knows he is her “Boompah.” We have told her that he is best friends with Santa and because they look so much alike, he visits all the children in our hometown. Even though she knows he is not the REAL Santa, she still is in awe of him when he puts on the suit. I feel so blessed that my daughter has a direct connection to SANTA! The magic in our home is real! WE BELIEVE!”

The pair are related, and although the little girl knows it is really her grandpa dressed up in a jolly red suit, she still believes that he is helping the “real Santa” – and people everywhere could see it on her face. The darling photo is just too sweet!

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