“Mac N’Cheez,” The Paralyzed Kitten, Gets A Wheelchair Made Of LEGOS!

Are you sitting down? You should probably sit down. A dose of this much cuteness may cause fainting or high-pitched “eeeeeeee!’s”

This adorable little kitten was brought in to the Massapequa Pet Vet in a recycled macaroni and cheese box. The staff started calling him “Mac,” short for “Mac N’Cheez” and it just stuck. His personality was so playful and curious that there wasn’t much he didn’t want to do…but his legs just wouldn’t let him do anything at all.5.12a12

The vet suspected nerve damage and thought that by crafting some sort of wheelchair, he might slowly regain the use of his legs. The staff got to work constructing a tiny chair made of legos. They captured the moment on video. As soon as Mac was secured in his new chair, he wasted no time zipping and zooming across the floor to explore!5.12a11

The staff has also been trying physical therapy in the pool to help take the strain off of his legs, but he is not a fan. Having his fur wet does not make him very happy at all. 5.12a13

After several swimming sessions, the vet has noticed that Mac is slowly started regain the use of his legs. It will be a long journey, but with his fancy new chair and the love and support of the staff, hopefully he will be back to normal in no time at all! You can do it, Mac!

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