Lowe’s Hired A Guy Who Needs A Service Dog…They Make Him A Custom Vest! Adorable!

Living with a disability is a challenging thing, especially when other people just don’t understand what makes someone else different. Even a task as simple as getting out of bed in the morning might be significantly harder for someone who is suffering from a disability. For one man, a brain injury had been preventing him from finding employment and supporting himself.

He needed a support dog just to get through the day, and a lot of employers just didn’t understand. The fact that this man was going out and searching for a way to make each day meaningful was impressive, and this home improvement giant saw his potential.

They hired him, along with his support dog, Blue, and wanted the man to know that they meant what they said. They wanted him to become a part of their team…and they proved it in a big way!They welcomed the man and Blue with open arms…and a customized vest! Not only is Blue a service dog, Blue is now also a “customer service” dog!

Blue proudly wears this safety vest made to represent the store! People who see the proud pooch will be able to tell that he belongs to the Lowe’s family…and that he serves an even bigger role as an employee’s support animal!More businesses should start seeing people as people. Too many places wouldn’t give this guy the time of day. Clearly, he has a lot to contribute. It’s the principal of being human that people can relate with, and we hope that this guy has a long and happy career – and Blue, too!

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