Love This Scalloped Edges Trend? TRANSFORM A Pair Of Jeans And Make Them Yourself!

We’ve all got a pair of jeans (or two) that just don’t fit right anymore. The knees have stretched thin, the ankles no longer hit the right length, and maybe even a few various stains that are just too stubborn to deal with…go grab those jeans and try out this adorable DIY project! It’s so easy, you don’t even need a sewing machine to complete it!

The scalloped edge is a fun summer style that adds a bit of flair to any style you might be looking for. Grab your supplies and get started!
Use some chalk and something round for a guide. Here, she just used a clean sauce container leftover from some takeout! It was the perfect size, and it didn’t require any measurements!

She marked a straight line at a slight diagonal an inch below the crotch of the jeans and put them on to make sure that they would be the length she wanted. “Measure twice, cut once!”

Once the scallops were drawn on, she cut them out and laid everything flat, tracing the second set so that they would all be as even as possible. …and that’s it! Since the design is cut out of jean material, hemming isn’t necessarily required as the ends might fray but should stay intact even after washing.
Would you try out this style with an old pair of jeans, or is it just not for you?

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