Love Caramel Apples But HATE The Giant Mess? This Is The EASY Way To Serve A Classic Holiday Treat!

The reason this recipe is so much easier (and cleaner!) than a typical caramel apple? You won’t leave anything but the stick behind! You won’t discover a half-eaten apple behind the couch days after hosting company, and the apple cores won’t end up falling off of their sticks when someone isn’t paying attention to which way they’ve been holding their caramel apple (caramel is SO hard to scrape out of the carpet!). The only thing different about this method is that you’ll need some cake pop sticks and a melon baller!

Gather your caramel for melting, your apples for balling, and any decorations that you might want to add to the bottom of your miniature treats! 9-15a4The first step is to ball the apples. Red, gold, or green, choose your favorite apples and scoop out as many little portions as you can. If you end up with waxy skin on any of them, peel it off. You might boil the whole apples before balling for a few seconds to melt and wipe off the wax if your grocery coats the fruit heavily, but most people can skip this step.9-15a5After melting the caramel, let it sit until it is thick and cooled. Dip your room-temperature apples into the cooled caramel for a nice, thick coating! A this point, you can dip the small dollops into sprinkles, sugar, or SALT (for a Halloween TRICK!). 9-15a6Will you try this fun new spin on a classic holiday treat? See more details here!


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