George Is Looking For His Family After Being Left Behind At A Gas Station

When this family took a break at a rest stop on I-80, mom was heartbroken to find a well-loved child’s toy abandoned in the restroom. She snapped a picture of it and wanted to share it on Facebook. Somewhere, a child was on a long road trip without their adorable stuffed dog, and she knew just how disheartening that could be for a parent. She shared it online…but when her kids realized that she was trying to find its owner, they wanted to make sure that “George” had a few stories to tell when he finally found his human again. She hoped someone would recognize the toy once the post was shared.

“George” was my co-pilot home, wore his seat belt without a fuss, picked the music on the radio, and ran some errands with my family,” she wrote.

The animal had a lot of fun eating snacks, driving the car, and choosing the radio station!

She decided that with all of the viral fame, she’s going to wait a month for the lost owner to come forward, otherwise, little George will be donated to a local shelter to comfort a child in need.

He’s got a lot of love to give, and even if he doesn’t find his old family, very soon he might gain a new one!

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