Los Angeles Wants To Convert Motel Rooms Into Apartments For Homeless Veterans!

Nicknamed “supportive apartments,” developers in Los Angeles will purchase and transform run-down motels from their private owners into efficiency apartments. The deal will convert “nuisance” motels into 500 apartments, a powerful step toward helping homeless veterans. While there are still roughly 2,700 homeless veterans in the county, at least a portion of them will finally be able to sleep soundly in a place they can callĀ home.6.6a4

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will issue 400 rent vouchers which will pay for residents’ rent, and will include case management and counseling for everyone involved.

Instead of allowing blighted properties to decay, let’s use them to make powerful change in our communities by giving our veterans the access to services and housing that they need and deserve,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

The motion is expected to work quickly, with apartments opening up within 6 months of acquiring the sites. It’s meant to be a long-term solution, too. The vouchers are good for 15 years, which means that the landlords will be making a profit, further encouraging everyone involved to really give this project the best effort.

What makes this story so unique? A social service agency has teamed up with private investors to finally help members of society, and never this quickly.

They don’t expect any protests from the surrounding neighborhoods either because the project is replacing buildings that have become eye-sores in the first place. Several of the motel owners had already been sued for allegedly allowing drug activity and other illegal activities on their properties. Everyone involved hopes that more cities will follow suit in similar endeavors. These veterans deserve support, and its a shame that projects like these have taken so long to get started.

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