Looking For Something EASY To Put On Your Wall? This Is It!

Canvas wall art can get expensive. The bigger the piece, the larger the price tag…but as DIYers around the country are discovering, a chic piece of art doesn’t need to cost half a paycheck! With a little creativity, planning, and good ‘ole elbow grease, a cute and sensible display can be created for just pennies. All it takes is a few hours!

This project is simple! First, get a canvas. You can purchase a new one at the store or re-purpose an old piece of art that you don’t appreciate anymore. Draw out a design or copy one from online. If you happen to be really crafty, you could free-hand the entire thing! It doesn’t matter what your sketching looks like because you’ll be covering everything up later.

Outline your design with washable school glue. A sturdy, no-run formula is best. You don’t want the glue to drip all over the canvas! Trace or draw your design and let the glue dry overnight (or for a few hours to become completely hardened).8.12a14You don’t need to follow your sketch exactly, but having a general idea helps a lot at this stage. If you mess up, take a moist paper towel and wipe up the mistakes before the glue has a chance to dry. Leave it to harden for as long as it takes. The glue should not be tacky at all if you lightly touch it with your fingertip after letting it dry.8.12a13 Next, use a spray paint in the color of your choice. A glossy, matte, or regular paint will all work just fine. Take your dried canvas outdoors and lightly spray it with paint following the directions on the can. If you apply too much paint, it may drip, so go slowly!  8.12a12The end result will be perfect for your home or a housewarming gift! Will you be trying this out? I know exactly where to put mine! See full instructions here.

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