Look Familiar? This Is How One Family Dealt With Their Chipped Bathroom Mirrors!

Like hundreds of thousands of mirrors across the country, the backing of this 22-year-old mirror was chipping away and becoming a real eyesore. Sure, it was still functional, but who wants to look at that while they’re trying to wash their hands? This family decided to make a change without buying a new mirror or breaking the bank – their idea is genius! She thought that “framing” her mirror would hide away the unsightly bits. The first step was to measure her mirror and find the exact amount of molding she would need. She needed to make grooves in the backs of the molding to fit her mirror screws, but some mirrors are glued directly to the wall and won’t need this step.

Then, she glued the pieces to her mirror and let everything dry overnight! The next day, she caulked the edges to prevent water from dripping behind the molding. She used her finger to smooth the caulk into the cracks. Once it was all dry, she used a knife to remove any caulk that was left smudged onto the mirror.

In the end?She had a gorgeous frame for her old mirror! The chipped edges were invisible thanks to this easy hack! Would you use this trick to upgrade your bathroom? You can see more details on this project here!

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