Look At This Elementary School Teacher’s AMAZING Dress! She Plans To Wear It To “Big Events!”

This is ShaRee Castlebury, and she is probably the coolest 1st grade teacher in the country right now! She wanted to come up with a special way to remember her students, and creating a mural or collecting old papers just wasn’t good enough for her. The Pat Henry Elementary teacher decided to do something truly memorable: wear a dress decorated by her students!

She posed for this picture on the last day of school!Her idea was simple, but it was only made possible by the creativity of the kids! She purchased a plain white dress off of Amazon and tied a white belt around it to make it fit.

Then, she took the dress to school and gave the kids a box of fabric markers and told them to draw! Their ideas led the way, and they put their heart and soul into their work. She sprayed the fabric with a protecting mist to keep the colors from fading over time, and she loves to show off the adorable drawings! She plans to wear this dress to many occasions for the children to remind them of their journey. She wants to wear the dress to the childrens’ 5th grade graduation and wish them well on their journey into middle school.

This is an amazing idea and I have no doubt that other teachers will follow suit and continue this adorable trend! What a perfect way to remember her students! It’s wearable art!

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