Look At These Hearts. You Think They Are Orange And Purple? Guess Again! The Answer Is CRAZY!

Your brain is amazing. Seriously. And because it has so many quirks and curious attributes, people have dedicated their time to create optical illusions just to play on those pathways. Take a look at the picture below. At first glance, it appears to be a pattern of purple and orange alternating hearts on a green background! Well, that’s what your brain wants you to think, anyway! In reality, the hearts are the EXACT same color.

4.26a34Take a closer look. On the left, you’ll see the “purple” heart and on the right, the “orange” heart…but there’s something strange. Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, and that’s okay. Let’s look ever closer.4.26a35

Here, you’ll see the top of the “purple” heart. When it has been magnified, you can see that there is a red heart outline UNDERNEATH blue lines and OVER bright green lines. 4.26a36

Here is a zoomed in picture of the “orange” heart. In this picture, the heart is over the blue lines and under the orange. 4.26a37

This phenomenon is an example of how our vision works. We don’t see color based on an objects actual color. We see color in comparison to the colors around an object. It’s why our brain thinks that the hearts are purple and orange, and is not able to easily tell that the actual color of the heart is red. That’s pretty cool.

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