Logic Puzzle Meant For Kids Is Stumping Everybody On The Internet. Can YOU Solve It?!

The Holderness family posted a picture of their (understandably) confused son and his homework. He’s pointing to a logic puzzle that is meant to help kids everywhere try and solve problems by following simple “if, then” type methods. First, kids need to substitute the letters for numbers. Then, they need to discover the missing number simply by working backwards…only it didn’t seem so simple at first! Several math teachers commented on the photo to explain how it is solved.

The answer is J=14. It is a complex math question that requires you to substitute the letters with numbers. You take the value of the S, B, and G and add them to get 40. Then you subtract the values of B and P from 40. That leaves a difference of 14, which is letter J. It all has to do with getting children to think in complex ways.”

Someone else drew out a “helpful” chart:

In the end, the point of the puzzle is to find a logical way to get from point A to point B. In life, this means problem solving for things that might be unexpected such as missing the bus, needing to budget for groceries, or deciding the best way to get a job done quickly.

The general consensus? Parents think logic puzzles are a good way to get kids to think outside of the box…but they would really prefer that those puzzles didn’t involve math! What do YOU think of this logic puzzle?

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