Local Restaurant Offers A Meal To The Needy If They Help Out For 50 Minutes

A former engineer for IBM has found her true calling: to be a chef. After coworkers fell in love with her daily lunches prepared for them in the company’s open kitchen, she realized that running a restaurant was what she wanted to do most in life. Instead of opening an exclusive restaurant, however, Sekai Kobayashi took her business in a new direction. She hoped to help her community at the same time with a relatively unheard of concept in the area: she would never turn anyone away.

If someone is hungry, they will eat. If they don’t have money, they will help out for 50 minutes. If they don’t have the time, they can redeem a special ticket left at the front entrance by others who have volunteered their time but declined their free meal.

People can volunteer for many reasons: to learn how to cook, to gain restaurant experience, to earn a free meal, or simply for the fun of it. The restaurant is special in that it offers its paying customers custom meals featuring fish or meat prepared with any ingredients and in any way the customer wants! The staff make suggestions and the owner cooks the meal just right!

Not many restaurants are this accommodating, and it is no wonder that the story has warmed hearts across the globe!

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