Local Designer Steals $300 And Gives THIS Dress To A Girl For Prom. The BACK Is Horrendous!

It’s common knowledge by this point that ordering prom and wedding dresses from sellers online can sometimes end in tears, so one mom decided to avoid searching online altogether. She didn’t want her daughter, Malexa, to end up with a poorly made dress just before prom, so she contacted a local designer instead.

The designer, Kia Wagner, agreed to make the prom dress with a $100 deposit, saying that she would use materials that she already had in her studio and would make a custom design. Malexa didn’t know what she had just gotten herself into…

Wagner didn’t have the dress “ready” until the night before prom. When Malexa tried on her prom dress, she was completely stunned…and NOT in a good way!
Not only did it look like something the villain in a horror movie would wear, it was poorly crafted with multiple spots where the stitches had simply fallen out. It also didn’t even come close to fitting her school’s dress code for prom.Mom immediately asked for a refund, but the “designer” refused, stating that just because they didn’t like her creation didn’t mean that she hadn’t already spent her time on it.

The story immediately went viral and mom has even been contacted by daytime courtroom shows willing to take her case. Mom posted it on Facebook and begged for help; her daughter needed a dress for prom and there wasn’t any time to shop for one! A friend came to the rescue and let Malexa wear one of her dresses to prom, saving the day!

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