Little Hamster Without Any Fur Abandoned And Shivering…So She Knitted A Little COAT!

Ironically named Silky, this little hamster was born without any fur due to a genetic mutation. Without the extra layer to keep her warm, she was almost constantly shivering. The inability to retain any body heat was dangerous for the small animal, and animal technician Selene Mejia was determined to do something about it. She¬†thought that she might be able to knit a little hamster-sized sweater, and wasn’t sure that it would be accepted by the tiny creature.10-25a12While Silky enjoys her little sweater during special occasions, for the rest of the time, she is kept in a warm environment and clean habitat. She is also fed a high-protein diet which helps her to keep warm. The lack of fur doesn’t stop her from playing and cuddling just like a normal hamster, but she is recovering from an eye infection, which is kept her from being put up for adoption immediately.10-25a13But four days later, Silky was adopted! A man from the city read about Silky’s story and called the Oregon Humane Society to see if she was available to meet…and he called at just the right time! They had just cleared Silky for adoption, and the man knew there was a connection as soon as he came to see her. She cuddled and was friendly, and even though she was “hair-challenged,” as he put it, he knew that they would be best of friends!


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