Little Girl’s Family Soccer Photo Goes Viral And People Are Having Mixed Reactions

Little Maelyn is four years old, and one of her favorite things? Soccer. She loves it so much, that her mom and dad found a way to support her 100% – by making custom T-shirts with her number on them!

Maelyn now has her own personal cheer squad that consists of all of her parents, and people are in awe of the support.

It is important that Maelyn grows up knowing that her mommy and daddy were able to put our differences aside for the sake of her,” her mother, Clara Cazeau said.

She was able to get her friend to make the customized jerseys for everyone and wanted Maelyn to feel as special as possible. But what really caused the photo to go viral? It was posted by Maelyn’s step-mother.
The post has gained mixed reactions, and many people agree that this is one of the best things for the child if the parents can agree to disagree and put their child first. As many more pointed out, people separate for all sorts of reasons, and in cases of abuse or mental illness, scenarios like this just aren’t possible because they aren’t what is best for the child.

Others wish that their own parents could have worked harder to support them while they grew up, but decided to share the photo with their own friends to encourage others to work as hard as possible. “This is goals.” One girl wrote while sharing the picture.

What do YOU think?

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