Little Girl Suspended From School After Playing With A Stick On The Playground

The kids on the playground were playing “King and Queen,” a schoolyard game where “guards” protect the “nobles” from attacking intruders into the kingdom. Five-year-old Caitlin was playing as a guard, and when intruders began to invade, she saw a stick on the ground that looked like a gun. Caitlin picked it up and pretended to shoot intruders as they got close to her base.

Instead of taking the stick from the child and explaining why it was dangerous to use guns, even pretend guns – as the motion of “shooting” goes against school policies – the child was brought to the principal’s office and promptly suspended.

One minute she’s playing with her friends and the next her teachers are dragging her to the principal’s office,” her mother, Brandy Miller said. “She’s confused. Nobody explained anything to her.”

Brandy had a hard time explaining to her daughter why she couldn’t play certain games at school because she personally believes that children should be allowed to play make-believe games, especially at that age.

I told her, ‘you can’t say you’re going to shoot and kill people,’ and Caitlin looked at her, confused, saying, ‘I never said that?’” The little girl just didn’t understand.

When the story hit local news, people were confused at the school’s harsh reaction. Why didn’t they call her mother and explain why her actions were wrong? Children go to school to learn, and punishing the child without explaining their reasons went too far, many people said. They hope that the school will apologize for their confusing actions.

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