Little Girl Meets The Woman From Her Book – A Real Princess! Her Reaction Is Too Precious!

In downtown Seattle, Shandace Lerma was posing for her wedding photo shoot when a passing child brought everything to a halt. The little girl recognized the bride from the book she’d been holding and wanted to meet the “princess!” It isn’t everyday that you get to meet a real life princess, after all!

The little girl’s mom asked if she could take a few moments to say hello, and Shandace immediately fell in love with the adorable child. She gave her a flower from her bouquet and acted the part of “Princess of Ballard” from her book.

Their photographer captured the heartwarming exchange in stunning fashion!!She was thrilled to meet a princess, and mom joked that this bride-to-be had saved them an expensive trip to Disneyland – at least for a few years! The magical moment was captured perfectly by the photographer, and everyone involved will cherish them for years to come. Now, they’ve got a story that will last decades!The coincidence was just too perfect! Her daughter just happened to be carrying her favorite book, this bride just happened to be taking pictures on the sidewalk, and their photographer just happened to know that these pictures would be incredibly special for years to come!

The photos went viral overnight! It’s just the sort of good news that the world needs 🙂

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