Little Girl Leaves Adorable Note For Dad Warning Him About Her Case Of “Diaria!”

In any other time in our lives, getting a note warning us about imminent diarrhea would be cause for alarm and disgust. Gross. Who wants to know about someone else’s bodily functions, right?

…Unless you’re a parent. Then, you may end up having multiple conversations about the bathroom on a daily basis and when you’re dealing with a young kid, it’s not uncommon to get hourly updates on their bathroom needs. And if you have more than one kid? Be prepared for the bathroom talk to last for years and years and years…

One man got a note from his little daughter, Gracie, and couldn’t help be laugh and share it with the entire internet.

8.5a30What’s even more cute is the fact that she thought he might not understand what diarrhea was.

Many parents chimed in, saying that he should keep this note until her wedding day and share it with everyone. Who doesn’t love a little bathroom humor from a child? Too cute!

The picture went viral with parents sharing it left and right! It turns out that every parent who read the note had a little “poop story” of their own and were eager to have the platform to share it with others! Maybe its the fact that no grown adult could get away with something like this, or just that so many people can relate…but this precious viral picture is perfect.

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