Little Girl Gave Her Meal To A Homeless Man And One Week Later Receives A Call…He Was A Veteran!

“Daddy, can I give him my dinner?” While little Ella is hesitant to approach a stranger, she is more than happy to do a good deed. She sees a homeless man sitting on a bench just outside of the restaurant where she was planning to share a meal with her dad…and something just doesn’t feel right. He was hungry, too, she thought. After getting permission from her dad, Eddie, he begins to film the interaction, and after he posts it online, the internet just can’t get enough of this adorable little girl.9-23a11Her kindness spread far and wide, and her video is viewed more than 45 million times. But eventually, someone saw the video and recognized the homeless man that received the meal, and that is when the story became even sweeter.

It turns out that the homeless man is a 62-year-old veteran named David who is suffering from PTSD, making it impossible for him to keep a place to live. David’s sister got in contact with little Ella’s dad to let him know that she hadn’t seen her brother in over 6 months since he suddenly disappeared.

With Eddie’s help, the siblings might soon be reunited, and David may finally be able to get the help that he deserves.


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