Little Girl Adopts GIANT Shelter Cat, Promising To Help Him Exercise And Get Healthy!

When Faye arrived at the shelter, she weighed a shocking 24 pounds! The old family could no longer care for her, and had let her get to an unhealthy size that was putting her health in jeopardy. The problem was that a cat this size would need constant, consistent care to slowly lose the wait along with a constant exercise routine. Faye would need a lot of play time, which meant that someone would need to be dedicated to helping her stay active.

After Faye’s story was shared on Facebook, one little girl who lived over two hours away knew that she could help. She and her mother drove early in the morning so that they would be at the shelter as soon as it opened. When the pair met, Faye was shy at first…but after only a few minutes, warmed up to the little girl and wouldn’t leave her side!

They knew it was a perfect match!Faye’s new family doesn’t have any other pets to care for, which means she will receive 100% of their attention. They hope to get her into a fun routine over the next few months and give her a better life!

This little kitty was facing a wide range of health issues…but now, thanks to one kind little girl, Faye has a new start in life!

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