Little Boy Tried To Sell His Teddy Bear To Buy Food. Generous Strangers Couldn’t “Bear” The Thought!

In Franklin, Ohio, police officer Steve Dunham saw something strange. A 7-year-old boy was standing in front of a CVS holding a stuffed bear, trying to sell it in exchange for food. He told the officer that he hadn’t eaten in days. Obviously disturbed and concerned for the boy, he instantly took action.

He drove the little boy to Subway and ordered a sandwich for him – and of course, he didn’t take the boy’s teddy! – and the two headed back to the police station to eat their dinner together. They said a prayer together and enjoyed the food while the officer looked up the address and information on that child found standing alone.

When officers arrived at the boy’s home to investigate, they had to take pictures to document the chaos. Rotten food, human filth, and stray animals made the home unlivable, but the worst part was that the officers found four other children in the home.8.16a27

All children were taken from the home and placed in the care of family members, and that is when the donations came pouring in. For the child to be so desperate as to try and sell his possessions to eat, he deserved the care that wasn’t being given to him at home.

While his parents are being charged with child endangerment, hundreds of people are contributing to the cause to make sure that these kids have what they need to continue a normal, healthy life. And it all started by one brave little boy asking strangers to purchase his stuffed bear – and one caring officer who decided that he couldn’t just look the other way.

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