Little Boy Left His Favorite Toy At Grandpa’s House…Grandpa Decided To Give Them Updates!

If you know a child that has a favorite stuffed animal, you are probably all too familiar with the chaos that follows if that toy ends up missing. When Nick ended up leaving his stuffed dog, Hamilton, at his grandfather’s farm, his mom was understandably concerned. The little dog was dearly missed, but grandpa knew just how to make it feel like Hamilton wasn’t really that far away at all!

He sent this picture of the sad pup, expressing his sadness at being left behind so carelessly…but cheered him up by promising to arrive in the mail very soon!In the meantime, grandpa hatched a fun plan to make it seem like Hamilton was having the best time while on his own little vacation. Every day that Nick received a picture of his favorite toy, it made the distance feel smaller than it actually was. Hamilton did chores around the farm, ate meals, and spent time with grandpa!At one point, Hamilton climbed the stairs to try and find Nick! Instead, he spent the afternoon watching football with pops! As it happens, grandpa wasn’t able to sent Hamilton by post until about two months later, but the pictures of the stuffed dog having a fun vacation made the wait seem short after all!

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