“Letters From Heaven” Leave 18-Year-Old In Tears After Reading Letters From Deceased Family Members

This family’s time capsule made a big impact, and now other families are moving to follow in their footsteps with time capsules of their own!

When Abby turned 18, her parents gave her the most precious gift of all: a time capsule filled with letters from their family and friends. On Abby’s first birthday, her parents asked their family and friends to write a letter to Abby with the intention of being opened 17 years later.

Among the 25 letters are 7 letters from people who have passed on. These include letters from her Grandfather Doug, her uncle John Aldershof, great grandparents and more.” Her mother wrote on Facebook.

The letters were filled with advice and hopes, and birthday wishes from people who weren’t alive to tell her in person.
Thousands of people fell in love with the idea and are hoping to do this soon! A few say that this has been a tradition in their family for generations, but many of us have only just heard about it!

It’s a beautiful way to pass along encouragement and advice through the decades, and being able to have one last connection with a loved one that has passed on is a gift that doesn’t have a price tag.

Will you be starting this beautiful tradition in your own family?

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