Lazy Cat Is Lazy About Everything Including This!

ALERT: Cat cuteness overload! This adorable ball of fur knows how to live large. Instead of getting up, why not just lie down comfortably on the floor, and instead of getting up to drink water, why not just lie down close to the bowl and dip your fabulous little paw on it, and drink like a Roman emperor?

This video is totally a must-see. It is that kind of ridiculous cuteness that encourages you to run around the house and let everyone you see watch this awesome clip. Honestly, why don’t all cats drink this way? They seem to have life figured out anyway and all their priorities straightened out to begin with. If you have one at home, try to let him or her see this video and maybe progress will follow. Only don’t be surprised if the cats start asking for grape juice or wine the next time they fancy a lovely drink!

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